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CBSE books are broadly divided into textbooks, sample papers, study guides, and educational software. NCERT publishes books based on the syllabus set by CBSE.You can download these CBSE Books from the NCERT website. However, CBSE books (NCERT) by themselves are not enough for scoring good marks in class 10 board exams.These books contain the bare minimum information and require further reading to achieve the standard needed to pass the class 10 board exam.

Apart from textbooks published by CBSE, there are some books from private publishers, some of them by well-known authors and teachers. Amongst these books, the most popular are study guides and question banks. CBSE reviews and revamps the syllabus regularly. Also, the format of the paper also changes. Therefore, the CBSE books you buy should be reliable and up to date, both in terms of content and format.

Lastly, nowadays most students have access to a computer, either at school or home. Therefore, they can use some?professional software that contain lectures, audiovisual media, and question banks to help the student prepare. These can be immensely useful to a student of class 10 science.

There are so many books available on web portals like Amazon and Flipkart. So how does one decide if any books are good or not? Word of mouth, reviews, and advice from seniors are some of the methods by which we can choose the best study material for class 10 science.

Here, we have used all the above methods, i.e., asked previous students, read reviews and even read some of the books ourselves to come up with a list of most useful ?CBSE books. We hope that you will find this useful.

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Here is a list of more CBSE Books.


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