Biology Notes

Biology Notes is a compilation of biology study material for class 10 science students. The main topics covered in the biology notes include life processes, respiration, nutrition, human physiology, control and coordination and reproduction. These notes are presently grouped in the category- The world of the Living.

Many students find biology intimidating. They feel that there are a lot of facts to be memorised. However, biology is not difficult if one takes care to understand the concepts well. Of course, there are a fair bit of facts to learn, but if taught in a systematic manner, students will realise that biology is easy and fun to learn.

The biology notes are not designed to impart encyclopaedic knowledge of biology to students. Instead, the biology notes have been written to give a concise overview of the topic. We have consciously refrained from making the biology notes too long. Each article is between 400-600 words and students should be able to read these articles in 10-15 minutes.

Presently we have the following items in our biology notes collection:-

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So how to make the best use of the biology notes?

  1. Do not try to memorise these notes.
  2. Read the biology notes as many times as possible and attempt to make a mental image of the core message in the article.
  3. Once you have read the article, relate the central message to everyday life. For example, after reading the article on respiration, one should naturally think, why do we breathe heavily after strenuous work?
  4. The aim of the biology notes is to clarify concepts. These notes should complement what is being taught in school. They are not a replacement for teachers or school work.
  5. Once you have read the biology notes, try to write a synopsis of what you have read in 150-200 words. The CBSE sets this word limit and making such an outline will help you write good answers in the board exams.
  6. Also, try to practice as many sample papers as you can. You can find several samples papers on this website. Attempt to write under exam conditions.

We are continually adding new articles and videos to our collection of biology notes. If you want us to cover any topic, in particular, we would be happy to oblige. Get in touch with us through the contact form below or you could email your suggestions to or

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