Class 10 Science notes

Welcome to, your hub for class 10 science notes. We have developed this website especially for students of class 10 science, who struggle to understand concepts and more importantly are bored with the traditional methods of learning.

In this website, you will find loads of class 10 science notes, video lectures, podcasts, and sample questions. The class 10 science notes are filed into different sections for ease of navigation.?The website is broadly divided into four categories- chemical substances, natural resources, the world of the living and the physical world. Each these groups consists of articles on different topics which a class 10 science student is expected to know.?Presently we have the following class 10 science notes on our website:-

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So how to make the best use of the class 10 science notes?

Read these notes at leisure. Do not try to mug these notes, they are not for mugging. The length of the notes is just enough to maintain your attention. In the attempt to read these notes again and again, you will gain new insights into the topic.

Use the information in the class 10 science notes to form new hypothesis and questions in your minds. We believe that if students are given freedom to think and experiment, they can synthesise knowledge. ?The aim of our notes is to outline clearly concepts and then let the student explore the subject further.

Once you have read through these notes, you may want to practice some sample questions. Our questions bank is still developing, so we only have a limited set of questions now, but we aim to make more sample papers available at regular intervals.

This website is still developing. Therefore, we would love to hear from you. Would you some more class 10 science notes? Or some video lectures, or do you have a question? Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and criticism.

You can use the contact form below or email us at or

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